Brian R Hall is the author and creator of the Legendary Kingdoms of Attera epic fantasy book series that he had worked on for more than 25 years before putting into publication. Brian is also the author of the Mountain Night Owl Tales (Kentucky Fireside Folklore- Ghost Stories- Chiller Thriller tales of Suspense). Two Time Emmy Award Winner, Bill Diamond worked with Brian on this ongoing book series providing cover and interior Illustrations. Brian and Bill Diamond are currently working on another series together called “Portals of the Fallen.” The format of this book is done in the first ever NOVIX book style created by the author Brian R. Hall and editor Catherine Gutierrez. The Novix, named from a hybrid mix of a novel prose and comics bubble and story panels, is a unique blend of both genres. It’s not a graphic novel and it’s not a reformatted comic, or an overly illustrated book; it is a blend of all three. This first issue of the Mountain Night Owl Tales is historically the first book ever printed in this new and progressive format. Hands for War martial arts book series, with Foundations in Nine Gates Boxing the first book in the series already in publication. Being in the Martial arts for now 40 years, and wining several International and National Championships, Brian has taught many Special Forces Military personnel, police and professional fighters over the years having trained 12 Gold Medalists from all over the United States, Brian Has made several television, newspaper, and magazine appearances in regards to his Martial Arts career. Brian has a Rabbinical/Doctoral level in theological education. He has taught Hebrew and Theology all across the USA and abroad. An expert in Alternative Theological Archeology and history Brian has appeared in several blockbuster documentaries and radio shows to both national and international audiences, speaking on his expertise in historical theology, histories and dealing with the spiritually based paranormal

Born in New York and now residing in South Florida, Christian Rivera grew up listening to all types and styles of music.  His wide understanding an appreciation for music of all types, is the driving force that has aided in the development of his production/creative style. 

Christian's first introduction to performing began in his youth group in church.  Christian's powerful and soul filled voice made him a desired performer for local events in the South Florida area.  Along with his sultry voice, Christian broke out musically at the age of 13, when he was asked to play in a local Salsa group called “Tropical Sounds Orchestra”.  Christian cut his teeth in the live performance world for 4 years serving as the salsa groups bongo player/percussion. While in high school, Christian became interested in songwriting and production.  With a hunger to express his voice and message in a positive manner, Christian feverishly began learning the art of song production and recording. Upon completing his High School education in 2002, Christian relocated further south to West Palm Beach where he partnered up wit a local management team called the A.O.N Group.  While Under the A.O.N Group, Christian produced his freshman Album "Jusill Present Street Poetry".  Soon after the  release, Christian started producing radio beds for local radio personalty Ciarra “The midday Goddess” for the Hip Hop and RnB Station X102.3.  In 2004 he worked on a jazz project and produced the track "Life of an Angel" on the album DESEO for Grammy Nominated Saxophonist artist, Eirinn Abu.In 2008, he took a short break to collect himself and began producing again, In 2009.  Christian's musical style and approach allowed him to develop strong networks with known R&B artists like Musiq Soul Child.  After expanding his professional network, Christian returned to his home in South Florida and began the development of Creative Custom Tunes LLC. (C.C.T.).                  

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Billy Jack “B.J.” Fuller, Jr. has had a passion for performing his entire life. Born in Pikeville,KY, B.J.’s passion for performing was fostered by his mother at a young age. Throughout elementary school, B.J. was given a leading role in all school plays. After a break in middle & high school, he returned to his main passion, being cast in the independent horror film “Juggles: Evil Has Many Faces, Now It Has A Smile” in via Silver Chain Productions in 2003. He went on to do several indy & short films, which credits on the IMDb ( Since 2009, he has been a staple at Artists Collaborative Theatre in Elkhorn City, KY where past favorite roles include Lt. Daniel Kaffee in “‪A Few Good Men”, ‬Earl in “The Magic Well”, Reverend David M. Lee in “The Foreigner”, The Old Man in “A Christmas Story”, Bob Cratchet in “A Christmas Carol”, Sheriff Grover Lout in “The Red Velvet Cake War”, Wild Bill Boudreaux in “Rex’s Exes” and Barnette Lloyd in “Crimes of the Heart.” B.J. currently resides in Elkhorn City, KY with his wife Rebecca. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Morehead State University & a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Alice Lloyd College and is currently going through the process of becoming an Ordained Minister through the First Church of God. B.J. is thrilled to be joining Screech Owl Productions & looks forward to working with all of the talented individuals who will make up this family.

Mark McKenna is a 32 year veteran of the comic book industry. In that time he has worked on Batman, Wolverine, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and more recently on Star Wars, counting close to 600 comics in all. Mark's work can be seen in Legendary Picture Books PACIFIC RIM movie prequel as well as Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars-The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. In 2012 his work on the online web comic titled “Star Wars: Blood of the Empire“ was collected into an 84 page trade paperback and was the lynchpin for the 2012 released Bio-ware online video game, The Old Republic. DC and Marvel have collected Mark’s work in multitudes of titles such as Doom Patrol, Deadpool Classics and Exiles. Mark has also created, written, inked and published the Sci Fi/Horror COMBAT JACKS comic book mini series. COMBAT JACKS #4: The FINALE is NOW available.. under Mark's Banana Tale Press imprint. His children’s book series Banana Tail and Friends is a labor of love that he created when his daughter was four and had a newborn son. The BOOnana Tail Halloween Special was released for Halloween 2014 and was treated as an “all ages” comic project that continues to grow with children that had the original storybooks read to them as younger children. The other Banana Tail titles include; Banana Tail’s Tales and Activities, Banana Tail’s Colorful Adventure and the soon-to-be-released Banana Tail and the Checkerboard Jungle For more Banana Tail info please visit: for more comic-related info, please visit: or 

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Catherine Gutierrez


Catherine Gutierrez has her Bachelor of Science in math and physics, as well as her Master of Arts in teaching mathematics. She currently holds the position of Editor in Chief of Screech Owl Productions and Co - creator of the innovative and new Novix style books (novel-comic mix). While under Screech Owl Production she has edited various literary works such include; Nine Gates Boxing Martial Arts Manual, The Legendary Kingdom of Attera book series, The Mountain Night Owl Tales book series, and coming soon, Portals of the Fallen book series.

Tim Estiloz


Tim Estiloz is a two-time Emmy winning TV host, reporter and producer open to new exciting opportunities in broadcasting, public relations or related fields. Wide ranging experience as an award winning news and entertainment reporter, writer and field / segment producer for both national and local market broadcast programming. Skilled in developing entertaining, informative and compelling stories, both short and long format; as well as visually creative features and personal interviews for broadcast, online, corporate and new media ventures. Skilled artist, cartoonist and published children's book illustrator with extensive experience working with child hospital patients and teaching children and adults how to develop their creative art skills. I welcome similar opportunities in the graphic arts and/or health care therapy industry. Experienced in fully utilizing all forms of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram, You Tube and more as reporting and marketing tools.

Christian Rivera

Visual and Audio Producer

BillyJack Fuller Jr. 


Mark McKenna